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This game is in no way an experience for the seeker of polished fun. This game is the result of three amateurs attempting to develop a game within 24 hours. We made something, are damn proud of it, and wanna share it. Despite this being a bit of a mess without an objective, we would love to hear any kind of feedback.

Strechen the test subject has otherworldly powers. When she inhales too much air she floats. Some lab keeps her shut in in a test chamber preparing her for something... but little is known about that. Instead feel free to jump around in an isolated test chamber without much else to do excpet inhaling air and avoiding hazardous spikes. Enjoy being the center of attention in front of an audience consisting of a man in a white lab coat and his cameras.

The game now supports both XB Controller and keyboard.


Movement: WASD / Analog Stick

Jump: Space / A-button

Float: Left Mouse Button / Right Trigger

Enjoy the game thingy

Sincerely the creators:

Maija Uleberg (maismu) - Twitter: @Maijaul

Roland Kvam (Rycloth) - Twitter: @Rycloth

Fredrik Haugen (Fawrik) - Twitter: @Tondagossaz

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the application. 


Subject Stretchen.zip 13 MB

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